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Bad Customer Service Review

I got a bad phone on April 7th of 2014 I have been trying to reach them ever since I've held for days on the phone I've sent in 12 emails corporate doesn't answer I've tried to send faxes to corporate and the fax will communicate you're just a freaking nightmare unfortunately I paid for it with my debit card and I paid for it with a credit card I could definitely get it refunded if anybody knows how to resolve this problem
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I bought the G455 model Guardian Home Surveilance (not sure how to spell it-sorry) system. It does NOT work with Vista like the box said. No one at the 800 number knew how to fix the problem. Once they finally answered, they kept putting me on hold and told me (more...
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Beetle bug

Sorry, can't remember my password but, it just gets worse from the above complaint. They made some sort of firmware upgrade and now the phone app does not work on either iPhon...

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